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You can book your Engine Diagnostic Testing now using our Online Booking System. Just select 'Book Now' and enter your car registration in that field and click search. Following the instructions on the screen, you can then choose the date and time of your Car Diagnostic Testing booking to suit your schedule. Once you have completed the booking process you will be sent an email confirming the details of your booking.

Using the latest, state of the art car engine diagnostics technology, we can link up to your car's on-board Engine Control Unit (ECU) and download any error messages stored within. These error messages can then be used to help our technicians diagnose and repair the issue, getting you safely back on the road as soon as possible.

Vehicle diagnostics device being used by a mechanic - Car Diagnostics Southampton

"What is a Car Diagnostic Test?"

To perform a Car Diagnostics Test, we connect our specialist, state of the art diagnostics tools in Southampton to your car. All modern cars are produced with an Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU acts as the "brain" of your car's engine, controlling the engine processes that get your car moving. It also receives and stores all manner of messages sent by sensors situated throughout your car. Some of these messages report errors or damage within the car's engine. If these errors are deemed serious enough, the ECU will trigger a warning light on your car's dashboard to inform you that you need to book a Diagnostic Test.

Get a Diagnostics Test with your Car's Annual Service in Southampton

It can be beneficial to run a Car Diagnostics Test when you have your annual service. Even if there are no warning lights flashing on your dashboard, there may still be issues building in your engine. By checking the ECU with a Car Diagnostics test, we can see these issues building and act to rectify them before they become a major issue (and potentially a major expense!). If you are looking for Car Diagnostics in Southampton then look no further, we are the garage for you.  

If you have any questions for our team about Car Diagnostics in Southampton, please 02380 638628 or send us a message using our Online Contact Form.


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